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President Armstrong’s Latest COVID-19 Message – 3.24.20

Please be sure to subscribe to Seneca Media & Communications Center’s YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/c/SenecaMediaCommunicationsCenter. Make sure you enable notifications so you’ll know immediately whenever a new video message about COVID-19 from President Armstrong is posted, as well as upcoming elders exercise videos and more.  

Be sure to share the link with your family members who don’t use social media. Even though a large number of our community follows our Facebook page, we know not everyone does social media, so all our videos are posted to both Facebook and YouTube. All COIVD-19 response messages are also broadcast regularly on WGWE 105.9 FM for anyone that doesn’t have computer access. Please let the elders know to tune in for regular updates. 

Also a reminder that you should subscribe to Emergency Management’s Regroup Messaging System. Details are at: https://sni.org/departments/emergency-management/pages/regroup-messaging-system/ and you can track real-time information about COVID-19 thanks to our GIS at https://coronavirus-response-sni-gis.hub.arcgis.com/. Press releases, videos, and other news are also available at http://sninews.org and http://sni.org

Information posted from Seneca Nation Coronavirus Response Hub

We appreciate everyone’s hard work during this crucial time! Nya:wëh!