Seneca Nation COVID-19 Task Force Update- 4/10/20


Seneca Nation COVID-19 Hotline: 945-8153 (24/7 for non-medical questions)

The Seneca Nation Coronavirus Response Hub website provides important information and updates to our members. You can reach the site by visiting www.sni.org and look for the large red banner at the top.

We also regularly posting information and updates on the Seneca Media Facebook page, the Nation Newsletter site (sninews.org), and YouTube. Please check these resources regularly. If you don’t have internet, WGWE 105.9 FM is regularly broadcasting updates and PSAs related to COVID-19.

If you are an elder and do not have internet, Seneca Media & Communications Center can provide you with a DVD or a flash drive (for newer “smart” TVs) of all videos produced related to the current crisis. Requests can be made by calling Barbara Lynn Hill at 945-1790 extension 3921.

Emergency Management Regroup Messaging System

As part of The Seneca Nation’s Emergency Management Department Inclement Weather Plan, the Regroup Messaging System has been established, providing SNI employees and Community Members with broadcasted services in the event of emergencies, closings, delays, and health/safety messages.

If you are interested in being placed on the call list, or if you want more information on the Regroup Messaging System, please contact the Emergency Management Office: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, (716) 532-8178, or email dawn.stevens@sni.org

New Building Protocol

Everyone entering our Nation facilities MUST have their temperature taken. This includes the Oaktree and 44 Seneca housing complexes. In addition, all deliveries to our buildings are to stop at the front door or reception area.

Food Services

During this time if a family experiences a need for food they can call the tribal advocates for more information:

• Rae Lynn George (Allegany) 945-2655
• Kerry Kennedy (Cattaraugus) 532-1028 or 532-4900 ext. 5058.
• Ramona Marion (Buffalo) 951-7555

Area Office for the Aging

Can assist Elders with meals by calling:

• Allegany 945-1072
• Cattaraugus 532-5777
• NAFDPIR Program (USDA) 532-1028

The Seneca Nation Housing Authority

Has implemented new policies during this time by limiting and discouraging all outside visitation at our elder housing complexes and are encouraging families to simply drop off needed supplies and not to stay for a visit.

Elders living at the Oaktree and 44 Seneca complexes have been provided masks as an extra precaution, and housing staff are maintaining close communication with residents to see if they are in need of anything.

COVID19 Testing

The Seneca Nation Health System (SNHS) does not currently have the ability to test for COVID-19, since supplies are in high demand across the country. Any patients at the health system who are in need of testing are being referred to their respective County health department.

If the SNHS is able to secure the needed testing supplies, then they will test at the health centers to the extent possible. In that scenario, any positive tests would still be referred to the respective County health department for further action. For further information:

Please call your doctor at the clinic.

SNHS Allegany: 716-945-5894
• SNHS Cattaraugus: 716-532-5582

Job Bank

A job bank of Nation employees who were recently laid off was created. These employees may be called in to assist other departments with the continued delivery of essential services.