Community News COVID-19

Local business owner donates PPE to frontline workers

By Tami Watt, Editor

Native Pride owner, JC Seneca, donated personal protective equipment and immune-boosting juices to Seneca Nation frontline workers, first responders, and health care providers. Seneca Nation Health System’s CEO Mark Halftown accepted the gracious gift from Seneca on April 9th in an organized delivery by Seneca, his wife Nicole, and General Manager Brandon LeBeau.

N-95 masks, gloves, and immune-boosting juices were handed out to Seneca Fire, the Seneca Nation Marshals, the Seneca Nation Health Systems, and the Community Health and Wellness Centers on the Allegany and Cattaraugus territories.

“On Seneca Nation Territories, our first responders and health care workers are coming to work every day in the face of dangerous odds. That is dedication we need to support, by supplying starter packs of the immune-boosting juices as well as masks and gloves,” Seneca states.

Many Nya:wëhs to J.C. Seneca! I am so thankful that you are looking out for our elder population and their well-being. I know some of us cannot prepare meals sometimes and by you being so kind as treat us to hot meal is so awesome. You will be blessed by our Creator.

-an Appreciative Elder