News From The Clerk’s Office

Since the onset of Covid-19, the Clerk’s Office has had to adjust staffing and how things operate within the Office. There have been some changes that we are all adjusting to and learning along with the rest of you.

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the Enrollment of new members to the Seneca Nation. They were required to appear at the Council Session in which they were to be enrolled, the Enrollment Appearance has been waived due to Covid-19 starting with the March 14, 2020 Council Session. We have decided to reach out to the new enrollees and request a picture for the Newsletter since we don’t have the normal group photo of all new enrolled members. As the pictures come in they will be added to the next newsletter.

Starting with the May 9, 2020 Regular Session of Council members had the opportunity to register for the Virtual meeting. It was the first time in Seneca Nation history that we held a Council Session virtually. We had 182 members register for the Council Session and the audience participated via phone and chat.

I want to thank all those that registered and participated. It has been a learning experience for myself and staff as we had a brief training on the registration process so members could participate. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this unknown path ahead of us. Together we can get through this, continue to social distance, stay safe & healthy.

While our doors are closed temporarily, we will continue to remain open Monday through Friday; 8:00 am – 4:30 pm with limited staff who are available by TELEPHONE ONLY. We are providing limited services, please call our office for more information.

Allegany Territory – (716) 945-1790 ext. 3000
Allegany Clerk’s Office Staff:
Bethany Johnson, Clerk (Notary Public)
Geraldine Huff, Executive Assistant (Notary Public)
Sue Case, Enrollment Officer
Alana McClune, Enrollment Assistant (Notary Public)
Kathleen “Yomie” Hill, Administrative Assistant

Cattaraugus Territory – (716) 532-4900 ext. 5000
Cattaraugus Clerk’s Office Staff:
Marta Kettle – Deputy Clerk
Kelly Mohawk – Deeds Recorder
Ashley Warrior – Executive Secretary
Leslie Cooke – Administrative Assistant (Notary Public)

Business Permit Office
Dana Maybee is in office on Tuesdays 8:00am – 4:30pm

You can mail completed forms along with a copy of your photo identification as proof of identify if you are unable to obtain a notary to: Seneca Nation of Indians, 90 Ohi:yo’ Way, Salamanca NY 14779.

All forms are available online at under Clerk’s Office documents.

If you would like to sign up for Direct Deposit of your Annuity and/or Elders Check, you will have to complete the form. The form is available on the web at under Documents/Clerk’s Office / Direct Deposit forms or at the Clerk’s Office.

• All direct deposit forms MUST have attached a voided check or deposit slip (start-up checks will NOT be accepted).
• Members must be at least 18 years old to sign up for Direct Deposit
• Minors are NOT eligible for Direct Deposit

If you receive direct deposit, it is your responsibility to keep your address updated with the Clerk’s Office.

A Burial fund has been designated to pay for funeral expenses up to $7000 for enrolled members. For additional details, please contact the Clerk’s Office during regular business hours. If after hours or on weekends, please contact Bethany Johnson, Clerk (716)-474-6361 or Marta Kettle, Deputy Clerk (716)-474-5403.

Please remember to keep your address current with the Clerk’s Office. This includes changes with custody of minor children or legal guardians (Court orders).

We are suspending the acceptance of any in person registrations temporarily. This temporary measure does NOT relieve members of the obligation to register by December 31, 2020. If there are any changes, they will be posted on the SNI Web site at

Please stay healthy & safe. Nya:weh for your patience and understanding during this time and please watch for updates as this may change unexpectedly. Any changes will be posted online.