Iroquois Post #1587 Receives NDN Collective COVID-19 Response Project Grant

SENECA NATION TERRITORIES – On May 28, 2020, Iroquois Post #1587, was awarded a grant from the NDN Collective COVID-19 Response Project.

This project is designed to provide immediate relief to some of the most under served communities in the country. The main objective is to distribute resources to front line response organizations, native nations and individuals and to provide gap services for veterans whom have suffered economic hardship during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Iroquois Post #1587 has developed a food pantry and will team up with our Seneca Nation Veterans Affairs Office to coordinate deliveries of food packages to any of our veterans whom are in need. This service is at no cost to our veterans.

“We will work together to keep our Veterans & their Families Safe through this Pantry Project!” If you are a Seneca Nation veteran and are interested in receiving services from this project, please contact the Seneca Nation Veterans Affairs Office for delivery arrangements at (716) 532-4900, X5536, or Iroquois Post #1587 at (716) 532-1587.