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News From The Four Corners United Methodist Church

Rte. 438 and Versailles Plank Road, Cattaraugus Territory | Pastor – Rev. David Rood | 941-5703,

Submitted by Marilyn Anderson

Our world has drastically changed due to Covid-19, and we are constantly adjusting to the new “normal”. In the past few weeks, our communities have experienced deaths, graduations, employees returning to work, racial injustice and anxiety of what the future holds for us. Throughout all these situations our spiritual faith has given us hope if we only seek it. “But as for me, I will always have hope…” (Psalms 71:14)

The Four Corners church has resumed Sunday services – wearing masks and without coffee time! It is reassuring to hear the good news that our faith has for us. If you have not already reached out to your source of spiritual strength, do it now. Your life will be enriched.

Condolences to the families whose loved ones have passed on. Congratulations to the graduates and their families. So many mixed emotions. Peace to all.