Cattaraugus Territory residents – Important WiFi service message from Seneca Solutions

As of Monday, June 29, users of the wireless network on the Cattaraugus Territory will need to register on a new authentication platform hosted by Tilson.

A user will be required to open a new browser on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other connected to device at the USER’S HOME.

The user will be directed to a portal and upon visiting for the first time will be required to click on “REGISTRATION” under the email and password fields.

After selecting “REGISTRATION” the user will be asked to provide personal information, which includes: Name, email, unique password created by user, phone number, Tribal ID number, and address. Once the information is filled in, the user will click “REGISTER” below the data fields and will then be able to access the internet.

For any other new devices needed to be connected from the user’s home, the user will enter an email and password the user created when prompted on the new devices.

Tilson will have an active helpdesk available from 9am-5pm daily to address any user concerns. The helpdesk number is: 1-866-415-5191. If internet is available, users can contact Tilson by email at