#Senecas Stay Safe: A message from Councillor Tina Abrams

Nya:wëh sge:nö’,

The global coronavirus outbreak has changed our daily lives. We’ve seen parents have to double as teachers. Sports and other events cancelled and daily routines, like grocery shopping, take on a new feel.

Even our ability to interact and socialize has been impacted. As a community leader we want you to know we can navigate this situation together. We want the Seneca Nation to stay strong and united.

Our motto during this COVID-19 response is “Senecas Stay Safe.” Staying safe does not mean staying isolated.

Talk to people you know and trust about how you are feeling. Enjoy extra time with your children. Call your relatives and elders to see how they are doing. Spend some time outside and enjoy the many blessings the creator has granted us. Take a walk in the woods. Go to the creek or river. Go for a run or a bike ride or just go fishing.

We have dealt with many great challenges and we are still here, because in times of need we come together for the greater good. This unprecedented situation requires an unprecedented response and that is what we are seeing. Everything we have done and will do are driven by one simple principle — to do what is best to protect the Seneca people. We will take every step necessary to keep our nation strong.

I would like to commend the many nation departments, employees, community members, private businesses, and grassroots efforts who are pulling together to make sure our people are cared for. This is what community is all about.

We wish you and your families continued good health. Be Safe, stay in place, keep a safe distance, and please wear a face mask.

Direct message from Councillor Tina Abrams’ video announcement. The video can be found on the Seneca Media and Communications Facebook page and the Seneca Media and Communications YouTube Channel.* (See below)