Natural Gas upgrades on territory

By Anthony Giacobbe

The Seneca Nation’s natural gas cleanup initiative has provided immense environmental benefits to the Seneca Nation over the past decade. The Nation has plugged and abandoned 31 natural gas wells since 2011. The Nation has worked with National Fuel to repair or replace the majority of the gas system on both territories with new lines being constructed in Newtown, Irving, Route 438, Milestrip Road, Jimerson Town and throughout Salamanca. Work was coordinated for the full replacement of the RM-32 transmission line that crosses the Cattaraugus Territory. This new line is safer and more environmentally friendly than its predecessor. The Nation is also working with National Fuel to plan additional projects on both Territories, which will include repair, replacement and expansion of the natural gas system where appropriate.

The Seneca Utilities Department has recently identified a leak on Van Vleck Road, which we are in the process of scheduling a short-term fix with a full line replacement being scheduled in the future. In August 2020, Seneca Nation’s Natural Gas Dept. will supervise a National Fuel contractor as they conduct a hydrotest (water test) on transmission Line K located in Allegany. This water test will ensure the safety and integrity of the line and allow the Seneca Nation to feel confident in this important transmission line that supplies Salamanca and the Seneca Allegany Casino.

Expansion of the system will provide additional Cattaraugus residents with access to safer, more reliable and cost-effective natural gas. Converting from propane to natural gas can save customers ~$1,500 a yr. Contact the Seneca Nation Utilities Dept., Natural Gas Dept. with any questions or concerns regarding the natural gas initiatives of the Seneca Nation.