From The Desk of The Treasurer

Nya:wëh Sgë:nö,

I’m thankful each and every day for your wellness as we continue to live within a pandemic. We have seen a small uptick of Covid -19 positive cases in our surrounding communities reminding us to stay diligent with all precautionary measures, wear a face mask, wash your hands, and social distance when possible. We have had many outdoor social gatherings over the past few weeks at both Territories. I’m sure this was good for the soul to see and catch up on Nation news, but with colder weather approaching many events will need to move indoors. This is when everyone must stay cognizant to follow safety protocols. Stay safe, the holidays are quickly approaching.

October starts our new fiscal year. Council and Executives have worked diligently with the fiscal department to create a 5 month budget for most and the 12 month budget for some of our revenue generators. We provided graft descriptions for the community leading up to the approval in September.

We are continuing to track the Treasury funding, which was approved at the September regular Council session of $47.6 million. This CARES Act funding is expected to be used by December 30, 2020. As part of this funding, Council approved payment to enrolled members of $250 at the end of October, November and December. Only those who have registered for the year will receive the funding.

The Executives and Council are also working on a plan to bring back as many employees as possible over the next few months. Much of the plan will be dependent on success of our business operations and the local economy. We are hopeful all of the projections will stay on course and we can get closer to normal operations within the Government.

Happy Fall and Go Bills!!