Public Notice: SN Utilities

TO: The Residents of the Allegany Territory
FROM: Seneca Nation Utilities
RE: National Grid Right of Way

Please be advised that pursuant to the Right of Way Agreement between the Seneca Nation and Niagara Mohawk, dba as National Grid, National Grid will be performing required brush clearing and tree cutting on lines 153, 154 and 804 on the Allegany Territory. Tree cutting will target only tall species that pose a threat to the power line.

Culturally sensitive plants will be avoided and no-treat buffer zones around water sources will be adhered to. All work will be performed by mechanical means, there will be no herbicide application.

If anyone has any questions or concerns or would like to review maps connected with this project please contact: Anthony Memmo,
Project Manager
Seneca Nation Utilities
716 535-9221 or