From The Desk of The Treasurer

Photo: Newly elected Executives – Clerk Marta Kettle, Treasurer Rickey L. Armstrong, Sr. and President Matthew Pagels


I hope everyone is adjusting well to our fall weather, as our days get shorter and our nights get longer. I don’t have much to report, as I have only recently assumed my new post, as Treasurer of the Seneca Nation. I enjoyed my time serving as President, in spite of having to deal with an unpredictable and merciless virus, COVID-19. I appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement, while navigating through unprecedented times.

As Treasurer, I am looking forward to continue working hard for the Seneca people and to practice the same open door policy I had, while President. If there are ever any questions about our financial status or economic development projects, please feel free to contact my office for an appointment, 1 (716) 945-1790, X3119.

In the meantime, my staff and I will be getting adjusted to our new projects, responsibilities and deadlines, to make sure we continue to do the work of the Seneca People.

Rickey L. Armstrong, Sr.