National Grid Electric Collections Public Notice

To: Residents of the Cattaraugus and Allegany Territories
From: Seneca Nation Utilities
Re: National Grid collection of past due balances

National Grid has notified Seneca Utilities of its intent to begin collection efforts to recoup past due amounts owed by residential and commercial customers on the Seneca Nation Territories. National Grid has stated that they will begin with notification to customers via phone calls and letters. National Grid will request that customers make a down payment and agree to a payment plan. Customers will maintain service once a payment has been made or a payment plan has been agreed upon. It is Seneca Utilities understanding that National Grid will begin terminating services in the event that no payment or payment plan has been finalized in a timely manner. You will receive a final termination letter prior to service being shut off.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that taxes are not being charged to the account. Sales Tax will be removed going forward with the inclusion of a completed New York State Department of Taxation and Finance form DTF-801 “Certificate of Indian Exemption for Certain Property or Services Delivered on a Reservation” with your payment plan agreement. Tax exempt forms should be emailed to or you can provide it to the NGRID representative working your case.

To make a payment or set up a payment plan, please contact National Grid’s Billing Dept., Shannon Guernsey at 315-428-6776 (residential) or Sara Zerrillo at 315-460-7032 (commercial).

NGRID is offering the below two payment plans to customers in arrears.

Deferred Payment Agreement
• 10%-20% down payment (based off past 6 yr. balance)
• 18 monthly installments (past 6 yr. balance, minus down payment, divided by 18 mo.’s)
• NGRID will write off remaining balance (amount owed beyond 6 yrs.)

For Residential call: Shannon Guernsey at 315-428-6776
For Commercial call: Sara Zerrillo at 315-460-7032

Minimum Payment Agreement
• No down payment
• Must pay current balance plus $10/mo.
• Must prove low income through financial statements

  • NGRID is only permitted to go back and charge the balance over the past six year period (under the “Deferred Payment Agreement”). The remaining balance after the six year period will be forgiven by NGRID per NYS civil law, statute of limitations. You can call the Public Service Commission at 800.342.3377 if NGRID attempts to collect more than the six year arrear balance.

If you think you qualify for a Minimum Payment Agreement, you can either call Shannon Guernsey (315428-6776) or call NGRID’s Collections Dept. at 800.443.1837. Please contact the Seneca Nation Utilities Department at 716-532-9221 with any questions or concerns.

Nya:wëh – Seneca Nation Utilities Department