Halloween Safety!

#SenecasStaySafe Parents! COVID statistics are on the rise! Make sure to keep your family’s Halloween experience as safe as possible. For more details see https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays/halloween.html Love giving Halloween treats? COVID-19 cases are rising all around so follow these tips to be extra safe! For more about managing the holiday season safely see https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays.html Check out our Halloween […]


Update from President Armstrong 10/19/20

President Armstrong speaks on the health and stability of the Minors Trust Fund, the temporary closure of the Cattaraugus ECLC for deep cleaning, remaining vigilant about COVID-19, and the recent appointment of the first Seneca as CEO of the Seneca Gaming Corporation. He also offers reflections on the past two years of his administration including […]


2020 Veterans’ Hall of Fame Ceremony Honoring Ralph Bowen

Speech by Rebecca Bowen. October 2, 2020. Seneca Allegany Casino. Nya:wëh sgë:nö’swagwe:go’. Rebecca Bowen ni’gya:hsöh. Onödohwa’ga:’ni’ah Gogwe’ö:hweh Agkgehjöhni’-ga:h koh.Annabell Clark Bowen yehya:hsöh neh agk-kno’ëh. Ralph Bowen haya:hsöh neh ha’nih. Let me begin by saying our family is very grateful for this day. It will be a family memory for his grandchildren to share with their […]

Feature President

A message from President Rickey L. Armstrong, Sr.

Nya:wëh sge:nö’, In my lifetime I have experienced great and exciting moments in the history of the Seneca Nation. I have also lived through times of great difficulty and sadness. Fifty-six years ago 10,000 acres of land here at Allegany were taken to make way for the Allegany River reservoir that would be created by […]


Seneca Nation Hemp Production application changes and looking forward to 2021 outdoor production

By Jessica Crouse The Seneca Nation Hemp Producer License Application period for 2020-2021 outdoor production is set to be open continuously until March 15, 2021, then going-forward the outdoor production application period will be November 1-March 15. However, the application period will remain open year-round for indoor production operations. The unforeseen COVID-19 situation has thrown […]