Vision 2020 Interns meet with Nation officials

Photos by Seneca Media On August 13th, the Vision 2020 program held a luncheon with President Pagels and members of the council. The lunch was followed by a Q&A with questions from the Vision 2020 interns. The Councilors shared examples of their experience in government and advice for the students future plans.


From Councillor Arlene Bova

A graduation speech Councillor Bova would like to share… Nya:wëh Sgë:nö’ Gagwe:goh, Now that graduations for high school and college have come and gone, it’s time to celebrate those hard earned accomplishments with family and friends! Celebrate graduates, although please remember to be safe in all aspects! Ja:goh! This year, I had the honor of […]


Opening Address

Councillor Abrams gives opening address for the Interior Department’s virtual event for Native graduates Councillor Tina Abrams recently gave the opening address for a virtual event for Native graduates of the Class of 2021. The event was sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Interior and included addresses by dignitaries such as Interior Secretary Deb […]


Two amazing women acknowledged for their outstanding achievements!

Ja:goh Fantasy Jimerson-Kenjockety and Michelle Redeye On June 6th 2021, Council acknowledged Fantasy Jimerson-Kenjockety (Seneca- Beaver Clan, Cattaraugus) and Michelle Redeye (Seneca- Turtle Clan, Cattaraugus), for their outstanding achievements and were presented with embroidered Pendleton blankets. Fantasy Jimerson-Kenjockety is a 2021 Tewaaraton Scholarship Recipient, she will be attending Alfred University to major in Chemistry and […]


Restoring the Seneca Nation’s history

Reprinted from Indian Country Today. June 3rd, 2021. We speak with the Seneca Nation about a peace medal given by President George Washington that is being returned. Some quotes from today’s show.Matthew B. Pagels: “Well, more than a couple of centuries ago Red Jacket negotiated and signed the 1794 treaty of Canandaigua. During that time […]


Deb Haaland is appointed as US Secretary of the Interior

Submitted By Councillor Tina Abrams Deb Haaland is a 35th generation New Mexican who is an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Laguna, and also has Jemez Pueblo heritage. Council and Executives have supported her throughout her term as US Representative for New Mexico in the 1st Congressional District. She began her term in 2019 […]


National Women’s History Month

March is “National Women’s History Month” and we have much reason to celebrate. Within the Seneca Nation our society traditionally is matrilineal. In part, this is because our Seneca women are powerful, driven, and dedicated to the betterment of us all. They give life, nurture life, and make decisions based on impacts to future generations. […]


‘Skilled Union Workers transform your driving experience’ – billboard

‘Skilled Union Workers transform your driving experience’ – billboard on State Thruway that runs through Seneca Nation Territory ‘recognizes quality work’ performed by four Buffalo Building Trades Unions Published January 4, 2021 by Staff & Local News Services Councillor Eliot Jimerson is interviewed in this article about the new billboard on the Cattaraugus Territory […]

Councillors COVID-19


Please be advised that a young community member, who was asymptomatic but positive for COVID-19, apparently attended a large gathering on Brant Reservation Road this past Halloween weekend. If you or a family member may have been exposed, please call the clinic to arrange for testing. Affected individuals should self-quarantine, contact their doctor, and follow […]