SNINEWS.ORG is live!

By Tami Watt, Editor

Sick of waiting for your newsletter in the mail? The Seneca Nation Official Newsletter is now available online! The site is updated every two weeks to mirror the current edition of the newsletter. Everything that is published in the paper will be online including the President’s message, information from the Clerk’s Office, AOA menus and calendars, personals and announcements.

By taking the newsletter digital, Seneca members will get their news faster, more efficient and can access on the go. Articles and photos can be shared via social media and email, simply copy and paste the link from the Photos can be saved to any digital device with a quick right click and save. All articles submitted to the newsletter by the deadline will available to read, print, share or download from

The Seneca Nation Official Newsletter works cohesively and combines resources with the Seneca Media and Communications Center. Staff for both departments do their best to attend, document, and photograph every event sponsored or centered on Seneca Nation activities. Activities covered by Seneca Nation staff will be posted to the Seneca Media’s facebook page and published in the Seneca Nation Official Newsletter.

Effective March 27th, if you are 30 years old or younger, you will no longer receive a copy of the printed newsletter in the mail. If you would like to continue to receive your paper copy in the mail, please call our office.

All content will be available to the public at The site will be updated every two weeks to the most recent edition.

The newsletter will charge for business ads to be placed in print and online. Ads will appear on both and will charge per issue. A half page ad in color will be $175, for gray scale $125. A quarter page ad in color will be $100, for gray scale $75. Independent businesses owned by Seneca members can submit ads for $10 per edition. Personal ads will accepted for free, however, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

If you would like an in depth article for your department or event in the newsletter or want to share information with us, please call the Seneca Nation Official Newsletter on either territory to make arrangements for an interview and/or coverage. On Ohi:yo’ territory, you can reach out to Stephanie Crowley at 716-945-1790 ext. 3029 or Tami Watt at 716-945-1790 ext. 3030. In Ga’degësgëö’, please contact Megan Torres at 716-532-4900 ext. 5495.