Annuity check distribution schedule (FY 2019-2020)

REVISED May 9, 2020

WHEREAS, the Nationwide Coronavirus Pandemic has resulted in unforeseen and extraordinary financial impacts on the Seneca Nation’s revenue sources; and

WHEREAS, the Seneca Nation Councilors and Executives are vested by the Seneca Nation Constitution with the responsibility to act in the best interests of the Seneca Nation and our People; and

WHEREAS, the Nation Council adopted resolution CN: R-09-21-19-09 which sets forth the Annuity Distribution Schedule for fiscal year 2020 prior to the Pandemic; and

WHEREAS, the Nations Council must act to protect the financial stability of the Seneca Nation; and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Nation Council repeals CN: R-09-21-19-09 approving the fiscal year 2020 annuity distribution schedule; and be it also

RESOLVED, the Nation adopts the amended FY 2020 Annuity Check Distribution Schedule reducing the monthly annuity to $500 per eligible Seneca Nation Member, effective July 2020.

See revised schedule below: