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Iroquois Genealogy Society Update

Monthly Meetings for the remainder of the year have been CANCELED!

Submitted by Leatha Jimerson

The Iroquois Genealogy Society has decided to cancel the monthly meetings for the rest of the year 2020. The health and safety of the people who attend are our priority during the COVID pandemic.

We hope to return to meetings next year usually starting in March 2021. However, it’s a wait and see situation we are in. In the meantime, we are brainstorming ideas to be able to bring you genealogy research information.

For now, reach out to relatives by phone and do a little interview with them and record the information. If the weather is decent, take a walk/tour of a cemetery.

Please be safe and wear a mask everyone!

Be sure to look for us on Facebook, email or SNI newsletter and of course visit our website: Nya:wëh!