COVID-19 Departments

Important Message Regarding Bluestone COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Results

The following is an important message from the Seneca Nation Health System regarding Bluestone COVID-19 diagnostic test results.

For testing participants: your results will be posted within the Bluestone phone app as soon as they are available (typically within 24-48 hours of sample collection, except for Saturday testing events). If you are unable to retrieve your results, or if you would like to request documentation of your results you may contact Bluestone directly, their contact information is located below.



Phone: 760-297-6863

Alternatively, you may contact the Seneca Nation Health System’s Medical Unit at the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation Health Center by calling 532-5582or the Medical Unit at the Lionel R. John Health Center by calling 945-5894 for your results or to request documentation.

To ensure privacy and confidentiality of testing results, there is a limited number of staff at the Seneca Nation Health System who have access to the Bluestone dashboard results so please be patient when making any request. The Health System is not able to download test results or get a document from the dashboard for an individual participant. If any written documentation is needed the Health System staff have been using a templated letter as a way of documenting results for those who request it.