Seneca Art projections at Silo City

DECEMBER 18,19,20, 2020

Note: Pictured below each artist is a copy of their work that was projected onto the iconic grain elevators for the special event at Silo City.

Bill Crouse (Seneca, Hawk Clan) is a self-taught artist. He has made it his life’s work to preserve and celebrate Seneca Culture. He is a Seneca speaker, singer, dancer, and visual artist from the Allegany Reservation. This painting is a portrait of the Great Seneca Chief Cornplanter. The Wolves show his clan. The tomahawk was gifted to him from George Washington and is on display at the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum in Salamanca.

Title: Neowise
Jason Corwin (Seneca, Deer Clan) is executive director of the Seneca Media & Communications Center. He is a documentary filmmaker whose recent feature, Denying Access: NoDAPL to NoNAPL, was featured in several film festivals and streams on their YouTube channel. He especially enjoys nature and astrophotography. IG – @jsun72

Title: Bison Bull
Patrick Redeye (Seneca, Beaver Clan) is a photographer and videographer. He is a Media Content Producer for the Seneca Media & Communications Center and a certified drone pilot.
IG —@patrickredeye

Title: Seneca Lacrosse Warrior
Carson Waterman (Seneca, Snipe Clan) is one of the most renowned artists of the Seneca Nation. His work is featured in murals throughout many buildings on Seneca territory including all three casino and resort locations, as well as extensive exhibitions nationally and internationally. He draws on traditional culture to showcase the richness and beauty of Seneca and Haudenosaunee people.

Title: Clean Lines
Maurice John, Jr. (photography, film, painting) is a Lakota Sioux artist influenced by modern abstract expressionism. He studied film at Pennsylvania State University and has been worked with all forms of media for the Seneca Nation of Indians for 15 years. As a certified FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) pilot he specializes in landscape imagery.
IG – @sharkboyno1

Title: Ready to Pounce
Hayden Haynes (Seneca-Deer Clan) – I aim to create works that are different than what has already been done by Iroquois carvers both past and present. I challenge myself by constantly honing my relief carving skills, my portrait carving skills and by generating new ideas and pieces never before seen in antler carving. Additionally, I am incorporating more and brighter colors into antler work. This is a somewhat foreign idea to antler carving, but in order to advance the art and make what I do unique, it is something I feel good about doing.
IG – @haydens_antler_creations

Title: Spirit Warrior
Robert O’Brien began his artistic studies and woodworking skills at age 9 with his grandfather Snow on the Cattaraugus Territory. Later on this developed into a passion for custom building and painting cars and motorcycles as a multiple award winning customizer. Robert established himself a strong contender in the world of car and motorcycle art. In collaboration with Paul Brinson, Robert’s work on a 66 mustang GT convertible won first place in all of Texas car show in 1986. Other projects have included work on the fastest boat in Texas and a round of special edition custom painted Trans Ams and trucks for a car dealer in Clear Lake, TX. Strong interests of his include custom woodworking and custom lapidary. Robert currently lives in Porter, TX where he enjoys playing guitar and is the Road Captain and Treasurer for an organization that serves first responders and the local community.

Title: Lacrosse Roundup
Bradley Jimerson (Seneca, Heron Clan) studied at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the Visual Communications program and has worked in a wide range of industries including newspapers, academia, and advertising. He is currently a Media Content Producer for the Seneca Media & Communications Center specializing in graphic and web design. Brad enjoys working in a many different forms of media from painting and drawing to the digital realm.

Title: Dancing for the Creator
Frank Ireland (Seneca, Snipe Clan) is a Media Specialist at the Seneca Media & Communications Center. His work is inspired by pop culture and things that catch his eye. His professional and personal work focuses on video editing and photography. He especially likes to do internet mashups.

Title: Round Basket Purse
Penelope S. Minner (Seneca, Turtle Clan)
(Black ash splint basketry, cornhusk work, graphic art, watercolor)
Traditional arts and crafts were commonplace in our household. I learned much from watching them. I also learned a lot about basket making from the cousin, Midge Dean Stock. I feel that through my talents I am able to share their spirit with others to pass on to the next generation and to those who are willing to learn.

Traditional basket making process is time consuming and labor intensive and because of that, many new students find it is not for them.

I have done demonstrations for the Iroquois Indian Museum, the Seneca Nation (various departments), SUNY Fredonia, Fenimore Art Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian Smithsonian in NYC. In 2019, three of my art pieces were acquired for the National Museum of the American Indians permanent collection, a life long dream.

Title: Ha’deyonöhgwa’shä:ge:h
Tami Watt (Seneca, Deer Clan) is the Editor-In-Chief of the Seneca Nation Newsletter and has been a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer for the Seneca Nation for over 16 years. Her work centers around Hodinösho:nih culture and can be seen in the Seneca Iroquois National Museum, the Seneca Arts and Learning Center, the Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino, and in the documentary Denying Access- NoDAPL to NoNAPL. IG – @loco_leggz

Title: Technocratic
ZsaZsa K. (Seneca, Snipe Clan) is a Los Angeles based, female artist, curator [ @galeria.vida ], and filmmaker [ @letheatredart ]. Her experimental silent, black & white, short film, Liberté, is currently showing virtually at the Red Nation Film Festival. She’s a firm believer that actions speak louder than words and therefore sets out to tell stories via films without verbal dialogue (in the footsteps of classic Hollywood’s silent film era). In her spare time, she creates script concepts and storyboards via collage art. Technocratic is a highly symbolic upcoming short film that will explore that idea of humans being controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

Title: The Iroquois Creation Story – Holder of the Heavens Calls Upon Earthquake
G. Peter Jemison (Seneca, Heron Clan). His work is rooted in the framework of Native American art. He is widely and highly regarded for his paintings, videos, and mixed media works, which have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the U.S., the U.K. and Germany. He is also an esteemed administrator, curator, editor and writer.

Title: Knowledge Carriers (commissioned by the Make Art with Purpose Sylvia Hougland Foundation)
Tahila Mintz – Yaqui. I am an indigenous media maker and ancestral scribe. I create images, still, moving and in VR, to amplify the voices of Indigenous people and the natural world. I also make to bring people joy, connection and for healing trauma.

I create within community, for those communities only, as well as for sharing between communities and with the general public. I am most often found in the Misak community (Cauca, Colombia), my Yaqui community (Sonora, Mexico), and across Haudenosaunee territories (New York and Canada)

I have worked in over 40 countries, apprenticed with Karel Cudlin, studied at FAMU, Prague, CZ, received an MFA from University of Texas, Austin, and taught as a full-time photo faculty member at Texas State University and Central Texas College. IG — @tahilasnap

Seneca Art was projected at Silo City from December 18-20 for drive-in viewing from 5PM-7PM.

For several weeks, renowned Seneca artist and art instructor Carson Waterman has been facilitating an online series of workshops for Seneca artists, the Artists in Business Project, funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts Challenge America program. Mr. Waterman is sharing his knowledge as a successful artist to enable other Seneca artists to promote their work to a larger audience. He is also discussing how Seneca art and artists carry on the cultural legacy of the Seneca Nation and bring that legacy, through their art, to the public. In addition, participants are receiving information about aspects of running an art business. As a culmination of the workshop series, Silo City is joining with the Seneca Nation to stage a very special event. Photos of artworks by the workshop’s participants will be projected on the iconic grain elevators at Silo City, a unique historical and cultural venue on the Buffalo River.