Seneca Holdings Update

Seneca Holdings was established in 2009 with the goal of creating a non-gaming organization that could provide a meaningful revenue source for the Seneca Nation over the long term. The charter for Seneca Holdings recognizes that “the diversification and expansion of the Nation’s business interests is vital to the economic well-being and long-term growth and prosperity of the Nation.”

Seneca Holdings continues to make progress towards the goal of being a meaningful revenue source to the Seneca Nation. Federal government contracting has been the primary driver of growth but Holdings is actively working to diversify beyond federal contracting. Holdings has doubled in size over the last three years and is now a stable and profitable organization that will be the foundation for diversifying the portfolio of operating companies.

Holdings has six active subsidiaries (with at least two more coming this year) with over 400 employees and subcontractors working in 20 states. Most of the team is based in Chantilly, VA (just outside of Washington, D.C.), with a fifth office location added in San Diego, CA during 2020.

The federal government contracting business is referred to as the “Seneca Nation Group”. This helps manage operations efficiently across subsidiaries and helps with marketing to the federal government. Seneca Holdings is the parent company within the Seneca Nation Group family of companies.

Please check out www.senecaholdings.com for more information.

The advantages available to Native nations through the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) program are significant. The growth and success of Seneca Holdings so far has resulted from those advantages, and more growth is expected in the coming years. Continued investment in infrastructure and operations is critical to support more federal government customers and new investments. Additional investments and acquisitions are being evaluated so that Seneca Holdings can accelerate the timeframe to provide meaningful financial benefits to the Seneca Nation.

The leadership and employees of Seneca Holdings have embraced the mission of providing economic benefits to the Seneca Nation. Every meeting, presentation, team event and employee newsletter highlight an aspect of the Seneca Nation to bring improved awareness and understanding of Seneca culture and livelihood. A core value of Holdings focuses on representing the Seneca Nation well, which is directly related to building a reputation for quality. While efforts are focused mainly off Territory, the connection to the Seneca Nation and the pride the team takes in supporting its members is central to the corporate identity.

As a growing organization, Holdings has a variety of open positions listed on the “Careers” page of the website, also accessible from the Seneca Nation’s website under “Employment.” Holdings always gives a preference to any qualified Seneca interested in joining the team. Most positions have specific skill and experience requirements that are defined by the customer, require a security clearance and daily onsite support at a federal government location. The federal government facilities and offices are primarily found outside of Western New York. The Seneca Holdings team continues to encourage every Seneca to review available positions and apply online if there is a potential fit.

In addition to growing a profitable portfolio of businesses, Seneca Holdings is committed to providing non-financial benefits to the Seneca Nation. Holdings is excited to have won two USDA ReConnect grants for the Seneca Nation ($4.3M and $544K) which will bring a fiber broadband network to the Cattaraugus Territory. The network will deliver high speeds and reliability for an affordable price to the homes and businesses. Due to the COVID-19, Holdings had to delay last year’s spring/summer plan to provide professional skills, mentoring and internship program for young Senecas (age 18-25). The team is hoping to implement it this year and will publicize that program as next spring approaches.

The Seneca Holdings team is very excited about the progress made and the strategy for diversified growth in the coming years. The team is working diligently to build a professional organization that will continue to provide financial and non-financial benefits to the Seneca Nation.