Congratulations to Aiden Button!

Submitted by Grandma Tina

Aiden Button is a 9th grader at Lake Shore High School, he is truly a scholar/athlete. While Aiden was in 8th grade he received his first Varsity letters and pin for Golfing on the Varsity Team. He received his second Varsity Pin for golf in 9th grade. Aiden went on to play basketball where he was awesome at completing his 3 point shots. He then moved onto football where he proved to be an asset on the front line. Lastly, Aiden played lacrosse and was the second highest scorer with 23 goals and numerous assists. He did all of this while remaining on the Honor Roll through out the school year. His most recent average was a 98.2. Aiden is determined to attend a D1 school in the future. His family is so proud of him and all that he has accomplished. We look forward to seeing what he does next.