Ja:goh Andy Marx

He recently received his BLACK BELT from Master Khechen’s Martial Arts Academy

Andy is the son of Janine Marx (Cook) and Brandon Marx, Grandchild of William and Paulette Cook (Mother’s side), and Tom and Eileen Marx (Father’s side). He is 10 years old and is going into the 5th grade at Silver Creek Elementary. Andy has been a part of Master Khechen’s Martial Arts Academy since he was 7 years old and attends classes 3-4 days a week all year round.

To receive his black belt Andy had to write an essay explaining how Martial Arts has made a positive impact in his life and how he will carry these lessons with him as he gets older. He also had to complete a community service in which he chose to clean up the Pinewoods Ballfield playground area as well as pick up garbage along the road where he resides (Farnham Rd, Irving NY). Andy wanted the playground to look nice and be clean for all children to enjoy safely. He also knows how important it is to take care of Mother Earth (he always says this).

Lastly, it was required he obtain character reference letters. Our very own Tribal Councillor, Robert “Bobby” Jones wrote a wonderful letter giving a brief history of Native American athletes and how important sports are for our youth. Wendy Bray who is the Native American Cultural teacher at Silver Creek Elementary also wrote a beautiful letter describing Andy and what a terrific student he is.

Andy received his black belt on July 10, 2021.