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A message from President Matthew B. Pagels

Nya:weh sgënö’ gagwe:göh,

I’m thankful you are all well. Summer is almost at an end as fairs and festivals are well underway. As we gather and celebrate a great summer, family picnics and just being together, let’s continue to follow covid-19 protocols. Many early CDC guidelines were lifted regarding mask wearing and social distancing since COVID rates were down. Unfortunately, we recently reported 3 new cases on our Territories. With the threat of a new Delta variant increasing around the country it is only a matter of time until it reaches us.

This highly-contagious variant can be contracted by those who are fully vaccinated. While symptoms may be mild the carrier could easily spread the virus to someone who isn’t vaccinated or to a person with compromised health issues unintentionally. Let’s keep each other safe and reduce the spread by getting vaccinated. Please contact Allegany or Cattaraugus Health to schedule a vaccination appointment today or complete the online form at SenecaHealth.org/vaccine.

The Nation will continue to monitor COVID trends in and around our community and our hub updated with the most recent developments. If numbers continue to rise various restrictions may return. Schools will also weigh in on any new developments from the CDC which could determine what happens when students return to school.

On another note the Council voted to create a Seneca Nation Cannabis Regulatory Authority to oversee the Cannabis Code which will drive our Cannabis Industry on Territory. The Clerk will accept letters of interest for individuals interested in serving on this Authority commission. A letter and resume must be received by the Clerk no later than September 10, 2021. See the SNI website for more information.

With much conversation regarding burial sites occurring around Indigenous Territories the Seneca Nation recently consulted with Carnegie Museum of Natural History regarding a find of human remains and associated funerary objects which were discovered. These remains were discovered in 1896 and remained at the museum over the last century. The Borough of McKees Rocks, PA initiated a conversation with the Seneca Nation to determine how to return the remains. A mound reinternment was decided. The Mound site near where the ancestors were found was estimated to have been occupied by four communities throughout history including Senecas. Seneca claims are held as legitimate as the last to occupy this area in Western Pennsylvania. The Borough of McKees Rocks wish to continue with the burial as the process was ceased due to the COVID pandemic. More information will be released once a final decision is determined on this situation.

As always, stay safe, stay strong.

Dah ne’hoh dih ae’.

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