Community News


By Michael Schindler

Nya:wëh sgë:nö’ gagwe:göh.

Language is so vitally important. What’s also vitally important is to keep our language alive, and making it our first language. Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h is committed to this task. And, we would like everyone to join us in our commitment to the revitalization of our Onöndowa’ga:’ gawë:nö’ by deciding right now that it is vital to you too.

One way to gauge our success is if all Onöndowa’ga:’ were to sign a written statement committing themselves to studying and learning our language due to their never ending desire. That would be nice but we’re not there yet. On the other end of this scale are those who have no concern whatsoever. The core of Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h’s task is to move the needle all the way to the signed commitments end of the scale and we’re done, with the hard part. A little help please with this vital, commitment step.

I am curious to know how many potential teachers we have amongst us; those who are inspired, with a base of Onöndowa’ga:’ gawë:nö’ knowledge, a yearning to help by being a teacher with their own ‘learning nest’ of their own design, and Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h providing assistance of various sorts. Ögajanö’šyö:’ (I had a dream). We would like to talk to you future teachers to develop a plan to build ‘learning nests’ across our Nation. Teachers are totally vital so give us a call and lets get this going. Call Darlene, Flip or myself.

Of course I have to mention the Nearly New Boutique, the pride and joy of the Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h organization. It has become quite the success in the Salamanca boutique world. We get many compliments like; the best store in town, or; my favorite store, or my fave; it doesn’t smell like a thrift shop. We do appreciate the compliments. You never know what you’ll find there but you know that it will have a very reasonable price. It may even have the original price tag on it still. As you may already know, we accept donations at the store during open hours. If you’re on the Cattaraugus Rez or in the surrounding area, call me and I’ll pick up your “Nearly New” donation and deliver it to the boutique.

While you’re scrolling around cyberspace, check out our website: for our latest info. Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h is a true community development partner and we want you all to join us, let’s reach for the stars!

Nya:wëh to everyone; our Board of Directors, our volunteers, our donors and supporters for making us what we are today.

Michael Schindler