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West Seneca Historical Society unveils marker commemorating the legend of Kau-Qua-Tau | September 26, 2021

WEST SENECA, N.Y. (WIVB) — West Seneca’s Historical Society is honoring a legendary figure in the town’s history. Officials unveiled a marker in honor of Kau-Qua-Tau.

The Seneca medicine woman was executed for witchcraft in the 1820s.

The marker is placed at lower Lower Ebenezer Cemetery where it’s believed Kau-Qua-Tau is buried and where her spirit still remains.
“The role of the Seneca Nation in our town’s history is vital. They were the first inhabitants here. And this is a story that has some local attractions. But we want to get the story out more of this woman, a respected member of her community we feel that she was kind of an unfortunate demise, but we want to keep her memory alive,” said

The marker was paid through a grant from the Pomeroy Foundation’s Legends and Lore program.