30-Day Public Comment

Seneca Nation of Indians Underground & Above-Ground Storage Tank Act

Please be advised that the following business located within the Seneca Nation Territories, more particularly on the Cattaraugus Territory, has submitted an application to operate an Above/Under Ground Storage Tank for the purpose of petroleum products. This notice will allow for a 30-day public comment period in accordance with the Above/Under Ground Storage Tank Ordinance, enacted by Tribal Council on September 22, 1997

Heron’s Landing Smoke Shop
Christina M. Schindler
11186 Southwestern Blvd.
Irving, NY 14081
Cattaraugus Territory | Irving Community

All comments must be submitted in writing to the Clerk of the Nation at the following address:

Seneca Nation of Indians
12837 Route 438
Irving, NY 14081
Marta L. Kettle, Clerk Seneca Nation of Indians

Begin – October 29, 2021
End – November 29, 2021