From The Desk of The Treasurer


With the holidays behind us and a new year to jump into, I’m looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings for us! So far, we’ve had a pretty mild winter; but, I don’t think the remainder will be as mild. Stay warm and remember to check in on our elders in our communities to see if they are okay or if they need anything.

As previously reported, our Fiscal Department is finalizing several end of year accounting tasks, in addition to making sure routine check processing continues on a smooth, but busy schedule. By now, all of our departments should be operating well, with their new budgets and working on new projects for 2022.

With the surge of COVID-19 cases increasing in New York State, to rates seen in January of 2021, the Seneca Nation has implemented our own Bluestone COVID testing for enrolled Seneca Nation members. In Cattaraugus, the testing is taking place at the Seneca Fire-Irving substation seven days per week, from 3pm-7pm. In Allegany, the testing is taking place at the DPW drive through bays seven days per week, from 3pm-7pm. All together, we have put approximately a dozen enrolled Senecas to work, to carry out this temporary, additional testing option for our community members. This additional testing opportunity will operate for about four weeks, provided the increased need remains necessary. We all want the rates of infection and hospitalizations to decrease, but we won’t see that unless we continue to follow a few simple practices. I highly recommend everyone continue to wear facial coverings (masks, shields, etc.) and continue to practice social distancing, as much as possible. One of the most important things we can all do is – to avoid large gatherings with people whom do not live in our home. This has been a suggestion from day one and continues to be a logical, simple, logistical practice we can all abide by. If you absolutely must be in a large gathering, please maintain a safe social distance and wear a face covering of some sort.

Once again, I remind everyone, we are still operating under emergency COVID-19 protocols which were established in the spring of 2020. This is a global pandemic, which means it is a Seneca community issue, as well. The Omicron strain of this virus is reported to be more highly transmissible than the original virus, but I believe we can come together for the good of our entire communities and do our part to put this deadly pandemic behind us. If you would like to receive a vaccine, please call and make an appointment as soon as possible: Allegany Health, Teri Cowles (716) 945-5894 or Cattaraugus Health, Kim Bradley (716) 532-5582.

Rickey L. Armstrong, Sr.