TERC Celebrates 5 New Graduates

ALLEGANY TERRITORY- The Training and Employment Resource Center (TERC) held a quick social distance ceremony for five new graduates and one advanced student from their Steamburg Training Center’s Basic Construction class.

Stevie Bucktooth, Lily Redeye, Gracie John, Keon Whitcomb, and Ty White all learned basic carpentry, electric, plumbing, masonry, drywall and painting skills over the last twelve weeks. Waylon Jones received advanced certifications.

Instructor Dan Macakanja spoke about each student and their strengths throughout the program.

Kerry John, Deputy Chief of Staff and Union Carpenter, spoke words of encouragement on behalf of the Treasurer’s Office along with Councillors Tina Abrams and Arlene Bova. Tribal Employment Rights Office Director’s Marlene Cooke and Christian Reiller were on hand with information concerning construction positions on territory.

Nancy Toth, Allegany TERC Director, also presented an award given to the program from the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs’ 41st National Indian and Native American Employment/Public Law 102-477 as an “Outstanding Grantee” for 2021.