Special Edition: COVID-19 (2-4-22)

Quarantine/Isolation Planning

  1. Have an Isolation Plan put in place for your home.
    a. Separate bedrooms/bathrooms (if feasible)
    b. Cleaning supplies in each room to include: gloves, masks, disinfectant.
  2. Have enough food/home items “in stock” for two weeks.
    a. Including enough water and over the counter medicine.
  3. Have a contact plan in the event you need items as you are unable to go to the store or simply need to talk or vent. A “drop and go” method is preferred for groceries and other supplies.
    a. Who will you call? Talk with others who may be able to help you gather items at the store.
    b. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, who is your “person?”

You should not have contact with anyone outside your home. Community Members and Employees in need of supplies are encouraged to contact their County Health Department or SN Emergency Management at (716) 532-8178 for possible cleaning supplies, food delivery, medication delivery, etc.