Pride Flags Raised

Pride flags raised in Cattaraugus & Allegany In honor of Pride Month

#PrideMonth is celebrated the month of June in honor of the Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, recognized as the birth of the Gay Liberation Movement The LGBTQ+ community has faced historical discrimination and violence, and #Pride is a way to counter the narrative of oppression while also continuing to educate and advocate.

Last year, in 2021, a record 26 bills that were identified as anti-LGBTQ+ were enacted into law across ten states. In 2022, at least 320 anti-LGBTQ+ bills are already pending in state legislatures, more than half of which specifically target transgender youth and ban them from being able to fully participate in everyday life.

The Seneca Nation recently passed a resolution to recognize #PrideMonth and reaffirm the rights of our LGBTQ+ community members. Discrimination is intolerable, and it is our duty to embrace and uplift each other as Seneca people. To kick off #PrideMonth, Seneca Nation Leadership and community members gathered across the territories to raise the Pride flag.

Watch the recap: