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NCAI Youth Representation

Yanenowi Logan and Lainey Scanlan among youth in attendance

Last month, tribal youth from across Indian Country attended the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) Mid-Year Conference held in Anchorage, Alaska. This year’s theme was “Thinking Beyond Self-Determination.”

Amongst the youth in attendance were the Seneca Nation’s own Yanenowi Logan (Seneca, Deer clan) and Lainey Scanlan (Seneca, Wolf clan). Logan, one of five selected from a pool of national applicants, is the elected NCAI Youth Commission Co-Vice President. In her role, Logan addressed the general assembly to provide an update on the Youth Commission’s recent initiatives, including #MovementAsMedicine.

The NCAI Native Youth Commission offers youth ages 16 to 23 the opportunity to engage on a national scale alongside tribal leaders to help address the issues facing Indian Country. The Native Youth Commission provides a unique perspective on issues relevant to tribal youth in their communities. The Youth Commission also provides leadership development opportunities and provides a forum for national Native youth networking.

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