Gashsëni’de’ Hubbell Crowned NYSF Indian Village Princess

Gahsëni’de’ Hubbell Crowned Princess For The NYS Fair Indian Village, Kelvin George Selected As Dance Representative for Ohi:yo’

Photo: Left: Gahsëni’de’ Hubbell, NYSF Indian Village Representative 2022. Right: Kelvin George, Smoke Dance- Teen Male Category

OHI:YO’ – The Six Nations Agricultural Society – Ohi:yo’ has chosen Gahsëni’de’ Hubbell to represent the Seneca Nation – Allegany Territory at the Great New York State Fair Indian Village from August 24th – September 5th, 2022. Gahsëni’de’s role will encompass sharing knowledge of Onöndowa’ga:’ traditions, language and culture. She will stay on campus for 10 days in the dormitories on fair grounds. Gahsëni’de’ will introduce herself in our language every day and share our culture as an ambassador with the Great NYS fair patrons. She will social dance with the rest of the Hodinöshö:ni:’ Nations’ selected dance representatives, respectively, and lead Ladies Dance on the Turtle Mound daily.

Gahsëni’de’ was chosen not only based on her extensive knowledge of Seneca culture and customs but her involvement in our community, extra curricular activities and her passion for agriculture.

In the last year, Gahsëni’de’ has made the high honor roll and is Top 10, became a member of both the Seneca Studies Honor Society and the National Honor Society. She has already received the Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award from the University of Rochester and the Bonnie Scholarship from St. Bonaventure University, if accepted.

She also traveled to Washington, DC to visit Capitol Hill with the Civic Engagement Program representing the Salamanca School District and their efforts to increase federal impact aid and wore her traditional outfit as she addressed congressional representatives on behalf of her school district and 30 other schools that are federally impacted.

Along with Gahsëni’de’s academic achievements, she also finds time for soccer, indoor track, softball, Seneca Youth Council, Salamanca Student Activists, Class of 2023 Secretary and the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

Miss Hubbell is also an active gardener with her mother Ja:no’s Bowen. Together, they planted and harvested a three sisters garden while learning about self sustenance, traditional medicines and healthy living.

Below is Gahsëni’de’s biography:

“Nya:wëh Sgë:nö’! Gahsëni’de’ Hubbell ni:’ gya:söh. Agegë’ge:ga:’ (I am of the Beaver Clan), Onöndowa’ga:’ ni:’ ah (I am Seneca). Ohi:yo’ has been my home for the past sixteen years of my life.

Each year, I become more inspired by the efforts being made towards our future and the resilience of our people throughout history. Growing up, I went to the Faith Keepers School Language Nest. In my short time there, I found my passion in learning our ceremonies, language, and especially our history. After I started school at Prospect Elementary, my mom (Ja:no’s Bowen) continued to teach me our language, while also teaching me about our plants and medicines.”

Together, we planted a Three Sisters garden. I remember that she would always sing Towisas while we planted, which is why representing the Six Nations Agricultural Society as this year’s Ambassador is such an honor. Agriculture directly impacts our culture and who we are.

As the Ambassador to represent Ohi:yo’ at the NYS Fair Indian Village, I would strive to strengthen our roots as a people. The Agricultural Society is a great example of how we can strengthen these roots as we continue to uplift each other so that all of our people can bloom. By representing the Agricultural Societies of all Six Nations I hope to acknowledge the beauty of what our culture holds.”

Kelvin George has been selected as the dancer to represent Ohi:yo’ Territory. Kelvin is Tuscarora and Seneca, lifelong resident of Ohi:yo’ and turtle clan. He is a champion Smoke Dancer for the Male Teens age group.

Kelvin will join Gahsëni’de’ and dance twice a day on the Turtle Mound with the rest of the Hodinöshö:ni’ representatives from territories across Turtle Island. Kelvin comes from a long line of Onöndowa’ga’ speakers, singers and dancers from the Coldspring Longhouse. His grandfather Al George has been very influential in Kelvin’s lifelong passion for Onöndowa’ga’ culture and traditions, along with his Uncles Alan Dowdy and Jake George. He has traveled and performed dance shows with his family since birth.

Kelvin is going into his senior year at Salamanca High School and is a big contributor to the Varsity Lacrosse team as well as various traveling tournament teams.

“Kelvin has either had a rattle or lacrosse stick in his hand since he could walk and does his best to lead by example,” shared his mother, Keona George.

The Six Nations Agriculture Society is planning a community social to introduce Gahsëni’de’ Hubbell, NYSF Indian Village Princess and dance representative Kelvin George to the Ohi:yo’ community next month and raise funds for their travel expenses and food money for their 10 day stay at the New York State Fair, stay tuned.

Please be on the lookout for other fundraising activities! If you would like to make a contribution toward Gahsëni’de’ and Kelvin’s travel expenses, apparel or per diem please contact Tami Watt (716-307-6701), Darlene Miller (716-378-9818), or Ja’nos Bowen (716-801-2183, Gahsëni’de’s mom).