Bald Eagle Release

American Bald Eagle Released Back Into the Wild by Catt. Conservation Department

Duane Carry-Moccasin, SNI Conservation Officer, released an American Bald Eagle back into the wild after suffering and healing from an injury. “On March 5th 2022, Seneca Nation Conservation (Cattaraugus territory) received a call for an injured eagle down on the access road to the Nation Beach. Conservation Officers Duane Carry-Moccasin and Chris Brooks responded with locating and capturing the eagle.

Once captured, the eagle was sent to Messinger Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. From there it was determined the eagle was a male and it had a broken coracoid; which is the bone that connects to the sternum and shoulder joint.

The eagle was then wrapped to prevent any more damage and to help the break heal on its own. The coracoid is a bone that the veterinarians could not fix through surgery, and if the bone did not heal correctly the bird would not have been able to fly. Fortunately, everything worked out, the bone healed the way it was supposed to and after four (4) months of rehabilitation, the eagle was ready to be released back into the wild.”