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On Eagle’s Wings (OEW) “Summer of Hope” 2022

On Eagle’s Wings (OEW) “Summer of Hope” was held at the Saylor building on the Cattaraugus Territory earlier this month. Sponsored by surrounding churches, including the Wesleyan Church, the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, both in Bucktown area and Pillar of Fire, from Dunkirk, NY. The OEW group consists of young adults from recognized tribes across North America. The group has been traveling to and from reservations since early June 2022 and may be on the road until early August 2022.

The event, held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, July 18-20, 2022, provided food, water, gatorade, literature booklets, reading books, and cash prizes for nightly competitions. A few activities included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, bucket ball, lacrosse skills, and a full court basketball challenge from OEW -vs- the community.