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Councillor Kennedy Visits Salamanca High School

There are always exciting things going on at the Salamanca City Central School District. Check out this special visit with Councilor Angie Kennedy, Salamanca’s Chief Equity & Diversity Officer Justin Schapp, and STEAM and Adult Education Coordinator Aaron Straus.

Dr. Kate Spilde from San Diego State University, traveled to learn about the high school’s STEM program and how the district engages students in STEAM subjects through programs like AISES club, Esports and the home-grown Project SAMI college certificate program.

Dr. Kate Spilde is Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management at San Diego State University and a leading authority on tribal economic development in the United States. With a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology and an MBA in entrepreneurial management, Dr. Spilde has worked on public policy and tribal governance in several positions, including Policy Analyst for the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, Director of Research at the National Indian Gaming Association, Sr. Research Associate at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Executive Director of the Center for California Native Nations at the University of California in Riverside (UCR).