President Treasurer

Final Message from Former President Pagels

Gagwe:göh sgë:nö’,

I’d like to take this time to wish everyone well as we transition into a new administration. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as President of the Seneca Nation and it was an honor to serve our people as your representative on important issues. Nya:wëh for your support during the past two years.

Our issues will continue into the new administration and I’ll be dedicated moving forward as the next Treasurer. Our strength will always be with our people. Our Strength to sustain our history, culture and heritage will persevere. We’ll continue to support the #StandwithSenecas campaign for a fair and equitable compact and highlighting our economic presence within the State.

We continue to participate in National committees such as the Treasury Tribal Advisory Committee (TTAC). This was established to provide Native Nations a forum to raise issues with the U.S. Treasury Department that need immediate attention. This Department is creating an Office of Tribal and Native Affairs under the new Treasurer Lynn Malerba, Chief of the Mohegan Tribe. We congratulate her on her role and wish her much success. We look forward to utilizing this new office as it gives Native Nations a voice as sovereign governments.

We will continue to strongly advocate for our issues and demand that we the Seneca Nation and all other Native Nations receive the attention, consultation and respect we deserve as sovereigns. This was a commitment in President Biden’s administration, and contrary to his government to government relationships with Native Nations.

Moving on to our COVID update, we currently have 52 active cases come through our health centers, 20 in Allegany and 32 in Cattaraugus. These numbers are slowly rising around the Territories and surrounding communities. Please continue to monitor yourselves and get tested if you are experiencing symptoms.

Bluestone testing appointments for Senecas can be made by calling 716-220-2442. COVID vaccines and booster appointments are available at Seneca Health System. Appointments can be made at 716-532-5582 for Cattaraugus and 716-945-5894 for Allegany.

Nya:wëh to my staff, Council, Executives and everyone who helped me or worked alongside me for the past two years.

Nya:wëh for the opportunity to serve you, I appreciate you all!

Stay safe, stay strong. Dah ne’hoh dih ae’,

Matthew B. Pagels