Executive Order

Intent to Establish a Constitutional Amendment Committee

WHEREAS, the Seneca Nation of Indians, a sovereign nation, established a Constitutional government on December 5, 1848, which allows the Seneca people to self-govern and to make decisions on behalf of themselves and future generations; and

WHEREAS, from time to time the Seneca people have made changes to the Nation Constitution to ensure that decisions made by the Nation’s government officials best reflect the will of the people; and

WHEREAS, some Senecas today believe that the Nation Constitution should be amended to improve the democratic process and the Nation’s Council has expressed support for assessing the need for potential amendments; and

WHEREAS, the Nation’s leadership recognizes the need for development of proposals and processes before establishing a Constitutional Amendment Committee by allowing the participation of interested Senecas to bear witness to the democratic process; and

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT, the Seneca Nation Clerk shall provide notice to all enrolled Senecas by January 13, 2013, on the Nation’s website and through the Nation’s newsletter to invite any enrolled Seneca to submit a letter of interest by February 10, 2023, expressing their interest in participating in the Constitutional Amendment working group; and

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that the initiative to create a Constitutional Amendment Committee be addressed at the Regular Session of Council in March 2023 through the appointment of a Constitutional Amendment working group, the meetings of which shall be open to the Seneca public to ensure transparency in the constitutional amendment process.

Dated: January 3rd, 2023

Rickey L. Armstrong. President
Seneca Nation of Indians

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