Seneca Fire Cattaraugus and EMS Assist in Buffalo Blizzard

Seneca Fire & Seneca EMS teamed up for Erie County deployment last month during the Buffalo blizzard. Seneca Fire’s tracked UTV was stationed at Buffalo Fire Headquarters with a crew supporting the EMS Task Force and also a Paramedic staffed Seneca EMS ambulance.

The mission of the UTV within the task force was to follow a transport ambulance to the scene of incidents, and if an ambulance couldn’t get to an address due to the conditions, the paramedic on the ambulance got on the UTV and they were transported to the scene, where they could begin emergency care. They were then able to transport the patient in the UTV back to the ambulance and onto definitive care.

Most side streets in the City of Buffalo were impassable by vehicle due to the depth of the snow or other vehicles stranded in the roadway under deep snow. We thank Buffalo Fire for their hospitality and warm welcome, and all the other agencies deployed – helping to make an impact.