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Seneca Monument at Erie Basin Marina

The Erie Basin Marina Observation Deck is home to a monument recognizing the Seneca people, original inhabitants of the land. Check it out next time you’re in Buffalo!

Full text reads as follows:

“This monument is dedicated to the [Onodowa’ga] or People of the Many Hills (Seneca)

Shown are: The Hiawatha wampum agreement which brought together the Five Nations in the pursuit of peace

A Seneca traditional headdress signified by the one upright feather

A Seneca women’s nominating belt (lower left) brought out when the women had reached a consensus on a leader (chief) or important decision.

The medallion presented to Red Jacket by George Washington in 1792 to signify the peace between the Five Nations and the colonies

And a Pre-columbian cooking pot used by the people of the five nations.

~ Designed by Carson Waterman. Sculptor, Kenneth Payne. Dedicated by NETO-Hatinakwe Okwehowe, Inc. during the Decade of Indigenous People (1995).