From the Desk of the Treasurer

Nya:wëh sgënö’,

Happy Spring!! Although we didn’t have many snow events this winter, we did get significant snowfall when we did. I am ready to move on to warmer weather.

The fiscal department is actively preparing for the annual audit which should run until April. We have also finished the first quarter reporting for this budget year. Some of the significant preparations include year-end reconciliations, grant close outs and ledger balance sheets. Program Departments within the Nation are on track for this years spending. This is important as it works into the next year’s budget preparation which we are already working on.

A $100 increase was approved at the last session of council on March 11th, for monthly annuity payments, effective March 22, 2023, for all enrolled members. This is based on a review of forecasts of land revenue and key assumptions for the head lease payments from the Seneca Gaming Corporation and other land revenues.

Seneca Energy will vet an RFP for the Generator project and will present at the next Council session. There are over 50 residents already signed up for the program. The solar program contractor has been approved and individual home inspections have started to assess the structure of the home. Approximately 35 applicants have signed up for the program to date. These are two great projects.

Seneca Holdings presented their annual audit to Council. They have significantly increased their transfers to the Nation and continue to show positive gains. They are also looking into a state-of the-art energy technology program with great investment potential. More information will be presented as this moves forward.

As always, Stay safe, stay strong.
Dah ne’hoh dih ae’,
Matthew B. Pagels