From the Desk of the Treasurer

Nya:wëh sgë:nö’, gagwegoh,

We are already into May and the greenery is returning! We celebrate nurses this month with National Nurses’ week. This years theme is: Nurses make a difference, anytime, anywhere, always. Nurses week starts on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 6th each year. She was known as the founder of the modern nursing program by reforming healthcare practices. Nya:wëh to nurses here and across the Nation. We appreciate all that you do for your patients.

This leads us into exciting news regarding the new Cattaraugus Health Center. We have outgrown our current facility. The proposed center will almost double in size at 42,000 sq. ft. Most areas will be expanded to accommodate more patients including medical, optical, dental and physical therapy. A drive-thru pharmacy and testing site for issues such as Covid is also included in the plan.

The funding for the new facility is primarily coming from ARPA grant funds. This project broke ground this past week and much work will be done over the summer.

The Bush Road project also began preliminary infrastructure work. Seven homes will be built at this site as an overall plan to build decent, safe, affordable and quality housing. More information will be available soon.

Our annual budget process for the FY 2024 budgets will soon be sent to Directors for their input. This is for program development and department goals for the year. Budget review will begin in June and alignment to the Nation’s strategic plan is the priority.

Have a great Mother’s day, you are appreciated every day!!

Stay safe, stay strong,
Dah ne’hoh dih ae’
Matthew B. Pagels