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Regarding the Salamanca School Logo

Respectfully Submitted by Mary Moses, Member of the Seneca Nation

School spirit is vital for all young people everywhere to feel proud of their accomplishments from academic and sports field alike. Time spent, in their formative years, at school will always remain with them. I graduated in 1968 and fondly recall pep rallies, dances and sporting events.

My purpose is to try and change the current logo of a male figure in full Seneca headdress. Why? Most likely half the school population is female engaging in their own specific endeavors for excellence of self and proudly representing their school colors.

We need to recognize and include a female side profile along with the Seneca male. Long gone are the days when a male warrior was needed to defend people and lands in that way of war. Let’s look into the future and bring everyone present so that all who attend this beautiful school will truly belong.

My own wish is to do away with a person(s) logo and go with the 2022 one – an S with a feather intertwined, plus warrior.