A new crop to take root on Seneca Territory

By Jessica Crouse, Hemp Compliance Administrator The Thunderers have passed through, heralding another Spring, the animals are awakening with fervent energy to ready themselves for another generation, and our People are facing an unprecedented situation of our time. Sustenance of our being has been awakened with the pandemic at our doorsteps, and with that a […]

COVID-19 Departments

Seneca Transit System implements emergency schedule

By Sharon Ray Effective April 8, 2020, the Seneca Transit System (STS) has temporarily implemented an Emergency Schedule as a precautionary measure toward stopping the spread of COVID-19 for the safety of our passengers and the operators of the service. This temporary Emergency Schedule will remain in effect until further notice. As a result of […]


Seneca Nation now accepting Head Start Applications

Submitted by Tamara Piskorowski Seneca Nation ECLC and SALC are now accepting Head Start applications for the 2020/2021 school year. Head Start is a federally funded program that helps children from low-income families prepare for school both academically and socially. Head Start is a free service provided to families to help develop pre academic skills […]


Sullivan Hollow Water Issue

By Joel Merrill The Seneca Nation continues to address the water issues at Sullivan Hollow. Utilizing a grant from EPA, the Seneca Nation plans to replace the well house at Sullivan Hollow and upgrade the water treatment system to meet all water quality standards. In addition, a water storage tank will be constructed to meet […]


Income Opportunity!

Calling All Greenthumbs The Seneca Nation Department of Transportation is looking for any local amateurs experienced in gardening/landscaping to fulfill seasonal, and/or one-time contracts. See flyer below for more information:

COVID-19 Departments

Temporary changes for STS riders

Effective April 16, 2020, the Seneca Transit System (STS) is implementing that all passengers need to wear face coverings as a precautionary measure toward stopping the spread of COVID-19 for the safety of our passengers and the operators of the service. As of April 1st, STS has temporarily suspended the collection of fares from riders […]


Three Sisters Gardening

Submitted by Michael Snyder, Gakwi:yo:h Farms Custom graphic by Tami Watt The three sisters, also known as corn, beans and squash also known traditionally as Johehgoh work together when grown in the same garden. This is a method traditionally used by many Native American tribes including the Hodinöhsö:ni’. This method is perfect if the garden […]

COVID-19 Departments

Newsletter will continue biweekly editions

By Tami Watt The Seneca Nation Official Newsletter Office will continue to publish two newspapers per month and update accordingly. Please visit, click the COVID-19 tab to view all public announcements from the Seneca Nation. The Newsletter Office will be closed to the public to curb the spread of infection. All submissions can […]