Alice M. Nephew (Nee Schindler)

5/14/1940 – 11/13/2019

It’s been one year for me and my family. I miss her cooking, her sense of humor and our trips to the Irving hall to play bingo. We all loved her spaghetti, fry bread, salads, pineapple upside down cake and homemade biscuits! To name a few. People in her circle knew that when she made soup, she would put the noodles on the side, so that you can add them in yourself.

Ma would carefully accessorize every outfit by adding a matching purse, pair of earrings, scarves, necklaces, watches and a ring with sparkle. Anything with a turtle (our clan) on it, she had it. When I hear an Elvis Presley tune, I am reminded she loved Elvis, especially his gospel songs.

I won’t forget her one liners:

Wash up as far as possible, wash down as far as possible, and the heck with possible

Shut the damn door, your letting the flies out

I use to have a twenty inch waist, now I have a twenty inch neck

When she saw a young man/boy having had a fresh bath/shower, combed hair and clean clothes she’d say, “Some spinort!

I especially miss Ma’s visits at my dining room table sipping on a hot cup of tea and making meaningful conversation.

Sadly missed and forever in our hearts.

Luana Jimerson and family