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Seneca Nation COVID-19 Cumulative Diagnostic Test Results

Stephanie Crowley – Outlook Web App The COVID-19 data published below shows the cumulative diagnostic testing results of the Seneca Nation Health System, along with results from Bluestone testing on November 7, 2020 at the Cattaraugus Community Center. Please be aware the Seneca Nation Health System is only reporting on diagnostic tests (confirming active infection) administered at or ordered by their facilities. The Seneca Nation Health System began using the Abbott ID NOW for rapid testing and Quest Diagnostics for send out testing on April 20, 2020.  BinaxNOW for rapid testing began on October, 21 2020.  

The Seneca Nation advises our community members to remember safe practices during the pandemic; it is important to keep everyone healthy. Our multigenerational housing leaves our most cherished populations of youth and elders at risk. Remain vigilant on following guidance to avoid or limit your exposure to those outside of your household: physically distance at least 6 feet, wash hands frequently, avoid large gatherings, and mask up.

Cumulative Test Results:

Here’s a helpful video to understand HIPAA, privacy, and confidentiality during this pandemic:

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