Pennsy Trail Users and Community:

Submitted by Sharon Ray, SN DOT

The Seneca Nation Department of Transportation, Marshalls and Planning along with the City of Salamanca’s -Sandi Brundage have been coordinating efforts to keep the trail safe and develop plans for improvement.

The Pennsy trail has seen an increase in vandalization recently. Floral arrangement displays were destroyed near the Titus Creek culvert and light poles were disassembled along the path. Improvements along the trail are new “Drug Free Zone” signage enhanced lighting, increased trail camera locations, increased patrolling and enhanced emergency call boxes.

The Pennsy Trail has become an escape for many community members as we navigate this pandemic. It is a priority of our partnership to do all we can to keep the trail safe, keep you safe and hold accountable those that will hurt and deface this community asset.

To report suspicious activities call: SENECA NATION MARSHAL’S: (716) 945-2779 or CRIME STOPPERS: (716) 867-6161.

Finally if you or someone you love is currently struggling with drugs and/or substance abuse please call SUSTANCE ABUSE AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION: 1-800-662-4357.

Nya:wëh to the vital partners above and a special shout out to the Marshal’s Department staff for hanging the signs and assisting our efforts to keep the trail safe and clean for entire community.