From The Desk Of The Treasurer


I hope everyone is enjoying these crisp fall temperatures and taking time to notice the changing colors of the leaves. This time of year always gets busy, as it seems there are football games, craft fairs and other get-togethers every weekend.

Back in August, one of our Steamburg members, Sharon Atwood, stopped by to visit because she had an idea she wanted to discuss. She thought it would be a good idea for our communities to do a collection of clothing and household items for the Native American Heritage Association. NAHA is a charitable non-profit organization, located in Rapid City, South Dakota and is dedicated to helping Native American families in need, living on sovereign lands in South Dakota and Wyoming: Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Cheyenne River, Wind River, Northern Arapahoe and Eastern Shoshone. On September 26th, a semi-trailer, loaded to the brim, with bags upon bags of good used clothing, jackets, shoes, boots and miscellaneous furniture and household items made its way to South Dakota, from the Seneca Nation. I’d like to thank not only Sharon “Ibby” Atwood, but my staff and all of the generous folks from the Allegany and Cattaraugus communities who made donations of clothing and household items. I’d also like to thank the staff at the ACC, CCC, Cattaraugus Disability Department, Allegany Tribal Advocate Office, Cattaraugus Tribal Advocate Office; and of course, the hard-working, reliable staff of both Allegany and Cattaraugus DPW Departments. Without the manpower of both of our DPW crews, we would not have been able to get that truck loaded! Finally, I would like to express my appreciation for the added support of the Council and Clerk’s Offices.

The Drug Taskforce recently held an artwork/concept contest to produce some new billboards throughout our communities. We received fifteen entries. The winners of the cash prizes were: 1st place-Marlene Cook, 2nd place-Carson Waterman, 3rd place-Carson Waterman and 4th place-Mike Snyder. All of the entries were very good and the judging was very close. Congratulations and nya:wëh to those of you whom submitted your artwork and ideas! My staff is currently locating new sites for us to construct a few new billboards in our communities and the artwork has been delivered to our Media Department for them to create the final images.

As for COVID-19, we are seeing the levels of positive cases fluctuating, to a degree; with a mostly decreasing trend. It is because of these fluctuations that, I can’t stress enough how important it is that we remain vigilant and keep our guard up. Please, if you have presently not received your COVID-19 vaccination, consider getting it as soon as humanly possible. The sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner we can get on the other side of the stress, worry and concern we all feel for our families, elders and loved ones.

Rickey L. Armstrong, Sr.