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Gowanda High School Names December 2022 Top Students

Ja:göh Violet Doctor, Marcus Gamble and Ellarose LeBeau!

Violet Doctor – Creativity: “Violet is taking Tech Math. A course requirement is to create a weekly google slide with specific parameters that review material from that week,” says teacher Ms. Fantaske. “her slides are always complete, accurate and creative. The slides she has created thus far are amazing; when she is done, she helps her peers with sound advice and patience. Violet represents ‘creativity’ in class and should consider a career where her talents can shine.”

Marcus Gamble – Communication: “Marcus has demonstrated excellent communication skills this year. In class, he is often a leader.” says teacher Mrs. Merrill. “Since Marcus is nearly always focused on completing his work to the best of his ability and on time, he has greatly influenced his classmates. He is constantly asking questions and advocating for himself to ensure he has the information and tools he needs to succeed. Having Marcus in Global 9 makes the class more enjoyable for everyone and raises the bar for everyone.”

Ellarose LeBeau – Collaboration: “Ellarose is currently enrolled in the Media Communications course and has been a true example of collaboration,” says teacher Mr. Bugenhagen. “Without hesitation, she enters the room with a smile each day and begins planning the recordings for morning announcements. Even though we rotate rolls within the class, she always supports her fellow classmates and assists them where she can once her own assigned tasks are completed. She demonstrates leadership skills by organizing her thoughts and communicating effectively with her peers. She is always willing to listen to the thoughts and opinions of others while keeping the current goal in mind. Her constructive criticism is always well received while her individual skillsets continue to improve as she learns from her critiques from the teacher and her peers.”