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Seneca Studies Honor Society

2022-2023 Members – SCCSD

The Seneca Studies Honor Society was formed in the Salamanca High School to give recognition to those students who have demonstrated the desire to participate and succeed in classes, organizations, and community service that focus on Seneca and/or Indigenous peoples.

Congratulations to this year’s newest members! It is exciting to announce that the new members of the Seneca Studies Honor Society are:

Hayden Crouse – Senior: “Being a member of the Seneca Studies Honor Society is important to me because I like to learn about our Seneca culture and history. I feel it’s important to learn about our history so we try not to make the same mistakes again. I would like to teach the next generations and learn new things from the old generation.”

Marlee Maybee – Junior: “Coming from a background filled with oppression, we as a nation have persevered through many attempts of erasing us as people. (Being a member of SSHS) would show the effort and difference I am making as an individual to persevere and maintain our values. During colonization we were stripped of our ways and our language. So to be standing here today and continuing to learn our traditional ways, history and language is truly an honor.”

Karina Mireles-Crouse – Junior: “Having the opportunity to learn and pass down the Seneca language and culture is great because it has been a big part of my life since I was young. I come from a long line of Seneca language teachers, and have been raised to understand the importance of learning and passing the language and culture down to the future generations. I feel very honored to realize that one day it will be my turn and responsibility to teach others.”

Karolina Mireles-Crouse – Junior: “Being a member of the Seneca Studies Honor Society would be important to me and my family because it will honor the legacy that my family stands for.”

Gabriel Redeye-Desposito – Junior: “I have been thinking of pursuing indigenous studies after I graduate. I have found this enjoyment for indigenous history and studies through the Seneca History class. This would help my community because I could educate the people outside of the community who are miseducated on indigenous history and issues.”

Bella Wolfe – Junior: “Being a member of Seneca Studies Honor Society is important to me because it internally makes me feel better as a Native American student. It gives me an opportunity to be a proud representative for all Native American students.”